Raymarine 300

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Its accuracy can be affected by many factors, including equipment failure or defects, environmental conditions and incorrect handling or use. It is the user’s responsibility to exercise common prudence and navigational judgement. This device should not be relied upon as a substitute for such prudence and judgement. CAUTION: Do not connect/disconnect the GPS Antenna from the display unit whilst power is applied. Such action could cause irreparable damage. WAAS Satellite Differential GPS WAAS prov

Raymarine 4000 MK2

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In this case, proceed to 'Cutting the bracket'. • There are two alternative slots for the bracket in the back cover of the wheel drive (Slot 1 and Slot 2). • Locate the motor tube where: • a 55 mm (21/e in) hole can be cut in the bulkhead/pedestal (if required) • the seal and ring can be secured around the motor tube • there is sufficient space behind the mounting location to allow at least 10 mm (0.4 in) clearance around the motor (see diagram below) CAUTION: Mount the drive so the motor

Raymarine 81285_1

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AST, Autoadapt, Auto GST, Autoseastate, Autotrim, Bidata, Marine Intelligence, Maxiview, On Board, Raychart, Raynav, Raypilot, Raystar, ST40, ST60, Seaclutter, Smart Route, Tridata and Waypoint Navigation are trademarks of Raymarine Limited. DIRECTV is an official trademark of DIRECTV Inc., a unit of GM Hughes Electronics. DISHTM Network is an official trademark of EchoStar Communications Corporation. ExpressVu is a property of Bell ExpressVu, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Satellite Services

Raymarine C140w

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45STV, 60STV, AST, Autoadapt, Auto GST, AutoSeastate, AutoTrim, Bidata, G Series, HDFI,LifeTag, Marine Intelligence, Maxiview, OnBoard, Raychart, Raynav, Raypilot,RayTalk, Raystar, ST40, ST60+, Seaclutter, Smart Route, Tridata, UniControl and Waypoint Navigation are trademarks of Raymarine UK Limited. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright ©2008 Raymarine UK Ltd. All rights reserved. ENGLISH Document number: 81312-1 Date: November 20

Raymarine C90w

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Not all radar echoes are produced by valid targets. Spurious echoes may be caused by: • Side lobes. • Indirect echoes. • Multiple echoes. • Blind sectors. • Sea, rain, or snow clutter. • Interference. Through observation, practice, and experience, you can generally detect these conditions very quickly and use the radar controls to minimize them. Side Lobes Side lobe patterns are produced by small amounts of energy from the transmitted pulses that are radiated outside the narrow main beam. The ef

Raymarine CAM100

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Format PAL 752 x 582 pixels NTSC 768 x 494 pixels Video connector Imager 1/ 3 Sony Super HAD CCD (Super Hi resolution) Horizontal resolution 550 TVL Scanning system PAL 625 lines NTSC 525 lines 2: 1 interlaced Red +12 V Video output Composite 75 Ohms Black - 0 V D8537_1 Infra red 14 IR LEDs If you do not have a breaker in the power circuit, an in- line 0.5 A quick blow fuse should be fitted to the positive (red) lead of the cable. LED spectrum 30 degrees for 15m Maintenance and Troubleshooting M

Raymarine Marine GPS System

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U UUUUUS SSSE EEER RRR’ ’’’S SSS G GGGU UUUI IIID DDDE EEE D DDDo oooc cccu uuum mmme eeen nnnt ttt N NNNo ooo..._ 8 8881 1112 2220 0007 777_1 111 F FFFe eeeb bbbr rrru uuua aaar rrry yyy 2 2220 0000 0002 222 R RRRa aaay yyyT TTTe eeec ccch hhh N NNNa aaav vvvi iiig ggga aaat ttto ooor rrr 4 444. ...0 000 R RRRa aaay yyym mmma aaar rrri iiin nnne eee, ,,, I IIIn nnnc ccc. ... F FFFt ttt.. . L LLLa aaau uuud ddde eeer rrrd ddda aaal llle eee E EEEn nnng gggi iiin nnne eeee eeer rrri iiin nnng ggg

Raymarine Marine RADAR

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Trackpad Used to control the on-screen cursor and to scroll through menu items. Press the corresponding edge of the trackpad to move the cursor horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Press and hold to move rapidly over larger distances. CANCEL Press to cancel the selected on-screen option when editing data; also used to return to the previous soft key set or menu. MENU Press to access the set up menus. ACTIVE When multiple windows are open: - Press to select required window. - Press and hold to

Raymarine RAY230E

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Initiates the Dual-Watch monitor mode. Pressing FUNC + MON/TRI starts the Tri-Watch monitor mode. Changes the volume of the handset. Alternately inputs the characters 2, A, B, and C. Pressing FUNC + 2/SCAN toggles ON and OFF the Scan mode. TRI VOL SCAN POWER Switches to DSC Individual Ships Call mode for initiating ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore calls using a specific MMSI number. Switches to the All Ships Call mode for Safety and Urgency transmissions. MEM Alternately inputs a 1 or a space chara

Raymarine RAYCHART 420

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Raychart 420/ 420D Chartplotter Owner’s Handbook Document number: 81162_2 Date: January 2000 RayChart 420 and 420D Chartplotter Owner’s Handbook SAFETY NOTICES 1. HIGH VOLTAGE. The display unit contains high voltages. Adjustments require specialised service procedures and tools only available to qualified service technicians – there are no user serviceable parts or adjustments. The operator should never remove the display unit cover or attempt to service the equipment. 2. NAVIGATION AID. This de