EFJohnson 002-9750-003

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MOBILE RADIO OPERATING MANUAL SAFETY INFORMATION Proper operation of this radio will result in user exposure below the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Federal Communication Commission limits. WARNING DO NOT allow the antenna to come close to, or touch, the eyes, face, or any exposed body parts while the radio is transmitting. DO NOT operate the radio near electrical blasting caps or in an explosive atmosphere. DO NOT operate the radio unless all the radio frequency connectors are secure a

EFJohnson 002-8170-001

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EFJohnson 001-9800-200

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The microcontroller also monitors power amplifier ambient temperature and voltage and cuts back power or disables the transmitter if either are excessive. 3.2 POWER DISTRIBUTION AND SWITCHING 3.2.1 POWER SWITCHING CONTROL A diagram of the power distribution and switching circuits is shown in Figure 3-1. The main power switching is performed on the RF board by Q510 and other transistors. This switch is controlled by the front panel power switch, the ignition sense input, and the microcontroller a

EFJohnson 001-9800-001

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242-984x-2xx (UHF) Part No. 242-988x-2xx (800 MHz) Part No. 242-989x-2xx (900 MHz) Copyright © 2001 by the E.F. Johnson Company The E.F. Johnson Company, which was founded in 1923, provides wireless communication systems solutions for public safety, government, and commercial customers. The company designs, manufactures, and markets conventional and trunked radio systems, mobile and portable subscriber radios, repeaters, and Project 25 digital radio products. Viking Head/EFJohnson logo, LTR®, LT