Caldera GT365

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Catégorie : Greeley

For safety reasons the burner flame should not extend beyond the cooking utensil. 20. Before removing pots and pans, be sure to turn the burner off. 21. WARNING: Do Not Cook on a Broken Gastop. If the cook-top should break, cleaning solutions and spillovers may penetrate the broken cook-top and create a risk of electric shock. Contact a qualified technician immediately. Keep any venting filters clean to avoid grease fires and maintain good venting. 22. Do not store or use gasoline, kerosene or o

Caldera GT305

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Catégorie : Greeley

Unlocked mode When the gastop is in Unlocked mode (Lock LED is on) all keys are potentially active but the “Up” and “Down” keys are temporarily inactive unless a burner is in programming mode. During Unlocked mode the “Lock” LED under the Caldera logo is “on” solid, indicating that the burners can now be programmed. To Lock (Instant Off And Lock) To instantly turn off all burners or to lock the controls the Lock key must be touched and held for 2 seconds, then the LED beneath the Lock key, will