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Magnavox MDV540VR/17

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Catégorie : Lecteur DVD

2 2 Connect the supplied black RF coaxial cable to the ANT-OUT (Antenna Out) jack on the back of the DVD/VCR and to the ANTENNA IN JACK on the TV. The ANTENNA IN jack on the TV may be labelled TV IN, RF IN, 75. (ohm), or ANT-IN. See your TV owner’s manual for assistance. 3 3 Plug in the power cords of the TV and the DVD/VCR. 4 4 Set your TV to channel 3 or 4. The DVD/VCR’s output channel is 3 when you purchase it. So, set your TV to channel 3 when the DVD/VCR is new. If you cannot use channel 3

Magnavox AZ 6831

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Catégorie : Lecteurs

R SERVICING TO OUALinCD SERVICE A This bolt of lightning indicates uninsulated material within your unit may cause an electrical shock. For the safety of everyone in your household, please do not remove product covering. âThis exclamation point calls attention to features for which ould read the enclosed literature closely to prevent operating and maintenance problems. The information in this manual can help you take full advantage of your product's many features, and ensure years of safe, re

Magnavox AZ 8030

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Catégorie : Lecteurs

Please record in the space provided below. English Illustrations Limited Warranty page 4 page 3 page 12 o c Ui Les numéros de modèle et de série figurent au-dessous de l’appareil. •Veuillez les noter ci-après, dans l'espace prévu à cet effet. Français Illustrations Garantie Limitée page 13 page3 page 21 « <0 O' c (0 El número de modelo y el de serie figuran en la placa de tipo en la base del aparato. Anótelos en el espacio a este fin reservado más abajo. Español Ilustraciones

Magnavox AZ1508

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Catégorie : Dictation

Magnavox AZ 6832

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8 • Make sure that the local voltage corresponds to the voltage of the adapter (6 V/400 mA Direct Current, plus-pole to the center pin). • Connect the adapter to the player's 6 V DC jack and to the wall jack. • Always disconnect the AC power adapter if you don't use it. Alkaline batteries, type R6, UM3 or AA-cells • Remove the battery holder from the battery compartment and insert 4 alkaline batteries (type R6, UM3 or AA) according the V and indications in the battery holder. • Replace the

Magnavox MBP110V/F7

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Catégorie : Caméscopes

• Some discs allow changing the audio language setting on the disc menu. (Operation varies depending on the discs. Refer to the manual accompanying the disc.) • [AUDIO] may not work on some discs with multiple audio streams or channels (e.g. DVDs that allow changing audio setting on the disc menu). • If you select a language that has a 3-letter-language code, the code will be displayed every time you change the audio language setting. If you select any other languages, “---” will be displayed in

Magnavox 13MT143S

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Catégorie : TV

17. Tilt/Stability - All televisions must comply with recommended international global safety standards for tilt and stability properties of its cabinet design. • Do not compromise these design standards by applying excessive pull force to the front, or top, of the cabinet which could ultimately overturn the product. • Also, do not endanger yourself, or children, by placing electronic equipment/toys on the top of the cabinet. Such items could unsuspectingly fall from the top of the set and cause

Magnavox ZV427MG9

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Catégorie : Caméscopes

• To correct the timer program refer to “Checking, canceling, or correcting the timer programming information” on page 30. 9 9 Press [TIMER SET] to set a timer programming. will appear on the front panel display. BSCSDRCDHDDDVD "VCR” will appear if VCR timer recording have been set. Note • If you have not set the clock yet: “Clock Setting” menu will appear instead of the timer programming list at step 1. Continue with the step 4 in “Clock Setting” on page 23 before setting a timer programming. •

Magnavox CCZ196AT

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Catégorie : TV

A.CH +100 3 6 9 0 2 5 8 1 4 7 TRACKING F.ADV SLEEP REC/OTR POWER SPEED STATUS/EXIT STOP PLAY F.FWDREW MEMORY SLOW MUTE VCR PLUS+ /ENTER SMART PICTURE SKIP SEARCH SMART SOUND INDEX SEARCH EJECT MENU CLEAR PAUSE/STILL Press the PLAY/s button or the STOP/t button to select ENGLISH or ESPANOL (Spanish). 5 Press the STATUS/EXIT button. Helpful Hint • If you accidentally select Spanish and need English: 1) Press the COMBI button, then press the MENU button. 2) Press the PLAY/o button or the STOP/p but

Magnavox VR401BMX

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Catégorie : Caméscopes

POWER Button Press to turn the VCR power on and off. VCR/TV Button Press to select VCR or TV position. l VCR Position Use to watch a tape, to watch a program while recording it, or to watch a TV pro- gram (changing channels at the VCR). When the VCR/TV light appears on the display panel, the VCR is in VCR position. l TV Position Use to watch TV (changing channels at the TV) or to watch one program while record- ing another. When the VCR/TV light does not appear on the display panel, the VCR is i