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Instructions Screenlife, Modèle Scene It? Disney Princess Dream Journey

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The princesses are all waiting for you! Your Disney Princess DVD game includes: 1 DVD, 1 Game Board, 1 pink princess remote, 6 princess movers and one beautiful tiara. Begin by setting up the board. Choose your princess movers, place them at the start location on the board, and you're ready to play. From the Main Menu on the DVD select and click the star button on "Play the Game." The youngest player will go first followed by the next youngest on up to the oldest player. Start your turn by selecting "Press the Wand" on the Game Menu and clicking on the star button on the princess remote. You will then try to successfully complete a princess puzzle. At the end of each puzzle, you will be asked if you correctly answered the puzzle. Please use the princess remote arrow keys to supply the correct answer. The arrow keys are the ones with the hearts on them. If yes, then you will move your princess mover to the icon named. Your turn is then over. Please give the princess remote to the next player. If you did not answer correctly, then your princess mover remains where she is on the board. Your turn is then over. Please give the princess remote to the next player. Okay, now that you understand how to play...let's talk about how to win. The princess who reaches the Happily Ever After Castle first wins the game! Be sure to highlight the castle icon after you've won and then press the star button on the princess remote - you will see the reward movie. The winner gets to put on the princess tiara and watch the magical win sequence! If you choose to play again then take the tiara off and start over. Enjoy! That's it. Now you're ready to play Disney Princess Dream Journey! Good Luck. Have Fun!...

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