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Instructions Echo, Modèle POWER EDGER PE-265S

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Engine exhaust contains poisonous emissions and can cause serious injury or death. Read the Manuals • Provide all users of this equipment with the Operator’s Manual and Safety Manual for instructions on Safe Operation. Clear the Work Area • Spectators and fellow workers must be warned, and children and animals prevented from coming nearer than 15 m (50 ft.) while the unit is in use. Keep a Firm Grip • Hold the front and rear handles with both hands, with thumbs and fingers encircling the handles. Keep a Solid Stance • Maintain footing and balance at all times. Do not stand on slippery, uneven or unstable surfaces. Do not work in odd positions or on ladders. Do not over reach. Avoid hot Surfaces • Keep exhaust area clear of flammable debris. Avoid contact during and immediately after operation. 6 equIpment warning Use only ECHO approved attachments. Serious injury may result from the use of a non approved attachment combi- nation. ECHO, INC. will not be responsible for the failure of cutting devices, attachments or accessories which have not been tested and approved by ECHO. Read and comply with all safety instructions listed in this manual and safety manual. • Check unit for loose/missing nuts, bolts and screws. Tighten and/or replace as needed. • Inspect shield for damage, and that shield is securely in place. Replace if shield is damaged or missing. • Check that the cutting attachment is firmly attached and in safe operating condition. • Check that front handle is adjusted for safe, comfortable operation. See Assembly for proper adjustment. warning Moving parts can amputate fingers or cause severe injuries. Keep hands, clothing and loose objects away from all openings. • ALWAyS stop engine, disconnect spark plug, and make sure all moving parts have come to a complete stopbefore removing obstructions, clearing debris, or servicing unit. • DO NOT start or operate unit unless all guards and protective covers are properly assembled to unit. • NEVER reach into any opening while the engine is running. Moving parts may not be visible through openings. warningCheck fuel system for leaks due to fuel tank damage, especially if the unit is dropped. If damage or leaks are found, do not use unit, otherwise serious personal injury or property damage may occur. Have unit repaired by an authorized servicing dealer before using. emIssIon control (exhaust & evaporatIve) EPA 2010 and Later and/or C.A.R.B. TIER III The emission control system for the engine is EM/TWC (Engine Modification and 3-way Catalyst) and for the fuel tank the Control System is EVAP (Evaporative Emissions) or N (for nylon tank). Evaporative emission may be applicable to California models only. An Emission Control Label is located on the engine. (This is an EXAMPLE ONLY, information on label varies by engine FAMILY). PRODUCT EMISSION DURABILITY (EMISSION COMPLIANCE PERIOD) The 300 hour emission compliance period is the time span selected by the manufacturer certifying the engine emissions output meets applicable emissions regulations, provided that approved maintenance procedures are followed as listed in the Maintenance Section of this manual. Power edger oPerator's Manual 7 1 4 56 7 8 9 2 3 10 descrIptIon Locate these safety decals on your unit. Make sure the decals are legible and that you understand and follow the instruc- tions on them. If a decal cannot be read, a new one can be ordered from your ECHO dealer. See PARTS ORDERING instructions for specific information. P/n X505002310 Hot Decal (near muffler) 13 12 14 1516 17 19 18 11 PE-265 P/N 89016052631 Shaft Decal P/N 89016025560 P/N X505001930 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 10 PE-265S Shaft Decal P/n X505002510 P/n X505001930 Power edger oPerator's Manual 9 1. POWER hEAD - Factory assembled. Includes the engine, clutch, fuel system, ignition system and starter. 2. ThROTTLE TRIGGER LOCKOUT - This lever must be held during starting. Operation of the throttle trigger is prevented unless throttle trigger lockout lever is engaged. 3. STOP SWITCh - "Slide Switch" mounted on top of the throttle Trigger Housing. Move switch FORWARD to RUN, BACK to STOP. 4. FRONT hANDLE - The front handle can be repositioned for comfortable operation by loosening the screws and moving the handle. 5. DEbRIS ShIELD/FLAP -Mounted over the cutting attachment. Helps protect operator by deflecting debris produced during the edging operation. 6. bLADE - Rotates to provide cutting action. 7. WhEEL - Adjustable up/down, sets depth of blade. 8. DRIVE ShAFT ASSEMbLy - Contains a specially designed liner and the flexible drive shaft. 9. ThROTTLE TRIGGER - Spring loaded to return to idle when released. When accelerating, press trigger gradually for best operating technique. 10. GRIP - Rear (right hand) handle. 11. SPARK PLUG -Provides spark to ignite fuel mixture. 12. TOP GUARD - Protects arm from the hot engine. 13. RECOIL STARTER hANDLE - Pull recoil handle slowly until starter engages, then quickly and firmly. DO NOT let handle snap back or da...

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