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Instructions Sony, Modèle MVC-FD5

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Extension of the file is “.JPG”. For details, see page 32. Power sources This camera operates only with the “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack NP-F530*. If you use any other battery or power sources to operate your camera, the camera may not operate. Trial recording Before you record one-time events, you may want to make a trial recording to make sure that the camera is working correctly. No compensation for contents of the recording Contents of the recording cannot be compensated for if recording or playback is not made due to a malfunction of the camera, floppy disk, etc. Precaution on copyright Television programs, films, video tapes, floppy disk, and other materials may be copyrighted. Unauthorized recording of such materials may be contrary to the provision of the copyright laws. * “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack The “InfoLITHIUM” is a lithium ion battery pack which can exchange data with compatible equipment about its battery consumption. ”InfoLITHIUM” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. 6-EN Before using your camera This digital still camera uses a floppy disk as media. Use the following floppy disk type. • Size: 3.5 inch • Type: 2HD • Capacity: 1.44 MB • Format: MS-DOS format (512 bytes . 18 sector) When using 3.5 inch, 2HD floppy disk other than described above, format it using the camera or personal computer. Do not shake or strike the unit Malfunctions, inability to record images as well as inability to use floppy disks or image and memory data breakdown, damage or loss may occur. Do not get the unit wet This unit is an electronic device, do not allow it to get wet. When shooting in the rain or outdoors, be careful not allow water to get on or into the unit. When moving this unit from one atmospheric condition to another, moisture may condense inside or outside the camera. If this occurs refer to page 40 and follow instructions on how to remove it before using. Back up recommendations To avoid the potential risk of data loss always copy (back up) data to disk. 7-EN OBefore using your camera •The instructions in this manual are for the two models listed below. Before you start reading this manual and operating the unit, check your model number by looking at the bottom of your camera. •The MVC-FD7 is the model used for illustration purposes. Otherwise, the model name is indicated in the illustrations. Any differences in operation are clearly indicated in the text, for example, “MVC-FD7 only.” As you read through this manual, buttons and settings on the camera are shown in capital letters. e.g., Press FLASH. Types of differences Model number MVC-FD5 MVC-FD7 Macro shooting Macro switch Auto Zoom – r Manual focusing – r Picture effect – r Program AE – r 8-EN Preparation What you need Digital Still Camera Battery pack (NP-F530) Floppy disk (not supplied) (MVC-FD7) Battery charger (BC-V615) 3.5 inch, 2HD (1.44 MB) Power cord Shoulder strap Lens cap (MVC-FD7 only) Preparation outlines The clock is not set at the factory. Be sure to set the clock before using your camera. 1 Charge the battery pack. (p. 10) 2 Install the battery pack. (p. 11) This camera operates by battery pack. Install a fully charged battery pack. 3 Set the date and time. (p. 13) The date and time data are necessary for MS-DOS format recording. If they are not set, incorrect date and time are recorded. The CLOCK SET screen appears whenever you turn on the camera in CAMERA mode. 9-EN Step 1: Charging the battery pack To charge the battery pack, use the battery charger. For details, refer to the instruction manual of the battery charger. to wall outlet 1 CHARGE lamp (orange) Battery pack 2 Battery charger 1 Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. 2 Insert the battery pack in the direction of the $ mark. Slide it down until it clicks. The CHARGE lamp (orange) lights up. Charging begins. To remove the battery pack Slide up the battery pack. Charging time Full charge* 225 min. Normal charge** 165 min. Approximate minutes to charge an empty battery pack using the battery charger BC-V615. (Lower temperatures require a longer charging time.) * Charging for about one hour after the CHARGE lamp goes out. ** Charging just until the CHARGE lamp goes out. 10-EN Step 2: Installing the battery pack 1 2 3 12(base) 1 While sliding OPEN (BATT) in the direction of the arrow, open the battery cover. 2 Insert the battery pack with the $mark facing toward the battery compartment. 3 Close the cover until it clicks. To remove the battery pack Open the battery cover. While sliding BATT rightward, remove the battery pack. Be careful not to drop the battery pack when removing. 11-EN OStep 2: Installing the battery pack Battery life/No. of images that can be recorded/ played back MVC-FD5 Battery life No. of images (min.) (record/playback) Continuous recording Unusing the flash* 95 (80) 540 (450) Using the flash** 85 (75) 320 (280) Continuous playing*** 125 (110) 750 (650) MVC-FD7 Battery life No. of images (min.) (record/playback) Continuous recording Unusing the flash* 90 (7...

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