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Instructions Sony, Modèle DAV-DZ410

Fabricant : Sony
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The Setup Display for selecting the aspect ratio of the TV to be connected appears. LANGUAGE SETUP OSD: MENU: AUDIO: SUBTITLE: PORTUGUESE FRENCH ENGLISH ENGLISH SPANISH SCREEN SETUP TV TYPE: 16:9 4:3 PAN SCAN 4:3 LETTER BOX FULL SCREEN SAVER: LINE: BACKGROUND: 4:3 OUTPUT: 16:9 1 Turn on the TV. 7 Press X/x to select the setting that 2 Press [/1. matches your TV type. Note x If you have a 4:3 standard TV • Disconnect the headphones when you perform [4:3 LETTER BOX] or [4:3 PAN SCAN] the Quick Setup. You cannot operate steps after (page 72) 12 with the headphones connected. x If you have a wide-screen TV or a 4:3 • Make sure that the function is set to “DVD.” standard TV with a wide-screen mode 3 Switch the input selector on your TV so [16:9] (page 72) that the signal from the system 8 Press ENTER. appears on the TV screen. The Setup Display for selecting the output [Press [ENTER] to run QUICK SETUP.] method for video signals from the EURO appears at the bottom of the screen. If this AV T OUTPUT (TO TV) jack on the rear message does not appear, display the Quick panel of the system appears. Setup and perform again (page 21). 4 Press ENTER without inserting a disc. The Setup Display for selecting the language used in the on-screen display appears. 9 Press X/x to select the output method for video signals. SCREEN SETUP SCREEN SAVER: 4:3 OUTPUT: BACKGROUND: VIDEO ON LINE: VIDEO RGB TV TYPE: 16:9 JACKET PICTURE continued 19GB Getting Started – BASIC Getting Started – BASIC Getting Started – BASIC • [VIDEO]: outputs video signals. • [RGB]: outputs RGB signals. Note • If your TV does not accept RGB signals, no picture appears on the TV screen even if you select [RGB]. Refer to the instructions supplied with your TV. 10 Press ENTER. The Setup Display for selecting the speaker formation appears. 11 Press C/c to select the speaker formation image as the speakers are actually positioned, then press ENTER. For details, see “Getting Optimal Surround Sound for a Room” (page 66). SPEAKER FORMATION STANDARD 12 Connect the calibration mic to the A.CAL MIC jack on the front panel and press X/x to select [YES], then press ENTER. Set up the calibration mic at the ear level using a tripod, etc. (not supplied). The front of each speaker should face the calibration mic, and there should be no obstruction between the speakers and the calibration mic. Be quiet during the measurement. A.CAL MIC Calibration mic Connect calibration mic. Start measurement? AUTO CALIBRATION Auto Calibration starts. YES NO Note • Loud test sound is output when [AUTO CALIBRATION] starts. You cannot turn the volume down. Give consideration to children and neighbor. • Avoid being in the measurement area and making noise during the measurement (which takes about 3 minutes), as it may interfere with measurement. 13 Unplug the calibration mic and press C/ c to select [YES]. Quick Setup is finished. All connections and setup operations are complete. 20GB Measurement complete. FRONT L : YES FRONT R : YES CENTER : NONE SUBWOOFER : YES SURROUND L : NONE SURROUND R : NONE If OK, unplug calibration mic and select YES. YES NO Note • If measurement fails, follow the message then retry [AUTO CALIBRATION]. To quit the Quick Setup Press DISPLAY in any Step. Tip • If you change the position of the speakers, reset the speaker settings. See “Getting Optimal Surround Sound for a Room” (page 66) and “Calibrating the Appropriate Settings Automatically” (page 68). • If you want to change any of the settings, see “Using the Setup Display” (page 70). To recall the Quick Setup display 1 Press DISPLAY when the system is in stop mode. The Control Menu appears. 2 Press X/x to select [SETUP], then press ENTER. The options for [SETUP] appear. 1 2 ( 2 7 ) QUICK QUICK RESET : : 1 8 ( 3 4 ) CUSTOM DVD VIDEO 3 Press X/x to select [QUICK], then press ENTER. The Quick Setup display appears. 21GB Getting Started – BASIC Getting Started – ADVANCED Turning off the Demonstration "/1 AMP MENU X/x/c ENTER After connecting the AC power cord (mains lead), the demonstration appears in the front panel display. When you press "/1 on the remote, the demonstration turns off. Note • When you press "/1 on the system, the demonstration does not turn off. • When you set the demonstration mode in the AMP menu to on, the demonstration does not turn off even though you press "/1 on the remote. To turn off the demonstration, set the demonstration mode to off, then press "/1 on the remote. When the demonstration mode is set to off, the system saves power in standby mode. Setting the demonstration mode on/off 1 Press AMP MENU. 2 Press X/x repeatedly until “DEMO” appears in the front panel display, then press ENTER or c. 3 Press X/x to select the setting. • DEMO ON: sets the demonstration mode on. • DEMO OFF: sets the demonstration mode off. 4 Press ENTER. The setting is reflected. 5 Press AMP MENU. The AMP menu turns off. 22GB Installing the Speakers on a Wall 1 Prepare screws (not supplied) that are suitable for t...

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