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Instructions Philips, Modèle AZ1575/14

Fabricant : Philips
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– Remove the batteries if the set is not to be used for a long time. – Batteries contain chemical substances, so they should be disposed of properly. For users in the U.K.: please follow the instructions on page 2. USING AC POWER 1. Check if the mains voltage as shown on the type plate located on the bottom of the set, corresponds to your local power supply. If it does not, consult your dealer or service centre. 2. If your set is equipped with a voltage selector, adjust the selector so that it matches with the local mains. 3. Connect the mains lead to the wall socket and the set is now ready for use. 4. To disconnect the set from the mains completely, remove the plug from the wall socket. 6 x R-20 - UM1 - D-cells MAINS English 5 BASIC FUNCTIONS GENERAL INFORMATION English SWITCHING ON AND OFF • Adjust the POWER slider to the desired sound source: CD, TUNER or TAPE. • The set is switched off when the POWER slider is in the TAPE/OFF position and the keys on the tape deck are released. – The volume, sound settings and tuner presets will be retained in the set's memory. ADJUSTING VOLUME AND SOUND 1. Turn the VOLUME/ SOUND CONTROL CENTER control clockwise to increase or anti-clockwise to decrease volume on the set (or press VOLUME + or – on the remote control). ™Display shows the volume level indication VOL and a number from 0-32. 2. To adjust the bass, mid and high frequency levels, press DIGITAL EQUALIZER once or more until the desired option is displayed. While the option is shown, turn the VOLUME/ SOUND CONTROL CENTER control to increase or decrease (- 5 to + 5 maximum) the desired frequency. ™VOLUME can also be adjusted in this way with a level range from 0-32. 3. Press DIGITAL DBB to switch dynamic bass boost on or off. ™If on, the DIGITAL DBB light goes on. 4. Press INCREDIBLE SURROUND to switch the surround sound effect on or off. ™If on, the INCREDIBLE SURROUND light goes on. Note: The effect of INCREDIBLE SURROUND may vary with different types of music. GENERAL INFORMATION General maintenance • Do not expose the set, batteries, CDs or cassettes to humidity, rain, sand or excessive heat caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight. • To clean the set, use a soft, slightly dampened chamois leather. Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene or abrasives as these may harm the housing. Safety information • Place the set on a hard and flat surface so that the system does not tilt. Make sure there is adequate ventilation to prevent the system from overheating. • The mechanical parts of the set contain self-lubricating bearings and must not be oiled or lubricated. CD REWRITABLECD SYNCRO STRAT R AZ 1575 CD RADIO CASSETTE RECORDERS T O P P L A Y•P A U S E S O U N D C O N T R O L C E N T E R V O L U M E CD RECD SY AZ 1575 CD RADIO CASSETTE RECORDERS T O P P L A Y•P A U S E P R O SOUND COB A TL O S O U N D C O N T R O L C E N T E R V O L U ME + – ••• • •••• 0 V O L 6 DIGITAL TUNER Tuning to radio stations 1. Select TUNER source. ™ is displayed briefly and then the radio station frequency is shown. 2. Press BAND once or more to select your waveband. 3. Press SEARCH . or § (on the remote control, TUNING . or §) and release when the frequency in the display starts running. AZ1575 CDRADIOCASSETTERECORDER OPESTOP PLAY•PAUSE TUNER PRESET PROG SHUFFLE REPEAT SEARCH BAND SOUND CONTROL CENTER REMOTESENSOR FM AM BATLOW LW PROGSTEREOSHUFFLE • • VOL ™ The tuner automatically tunes to a station of sufficient reception. Display shows during automatic tuning. ™If an FM station is received in stereo, STEREO is shown. 4. Repeat step 3 if necessary until you find the desired station. • To tune to a weak station, press SEARCH . or § briefly and repeatedly until you have found optimal reception. To improve radio reception: • For FM, pull out the telescopic aerial. Incline and turn the aerial. Reduce its length if the signal is too strong (very close to a transmitter). • For MW (AM or LW), the set is provided with a built-in aerial so the telescopic aerial is not needed. Direct the aerial by turning the whole set. Programming radio stations You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory. 1. Tune to your desired station (see Tuning to radio stations). 2. Press PROG to activate programming. ™Display: PROG flashes. 3. Press PRESET 3 or 4 once or more to allocate a number from 1 to 30 to this station. 4. Press PROG again to confirm the setting. ™Display: PROG disappears, the preset number and the frequency of the preset station are shown. 5. Repeat the above four steps to store other stations. • You can overwrite a preset station by storing another frequency in its place. Tuning to preset stations Press TUNER PRESET 4 or 3 until the desired preset station is displayed. AZ1575 CDRADIOCASSETTERECORDER OPESTOP PLAY•PAUSE TUNER PRESET PROG SHUFFLE REPEAT SEARCH BAND SOUND CONTROL CENTER REMOTESENSOR FM AM BATLOW LW PROG SHUFFLE • • VOL English 7 DIGITAL TUNER CD PLAYER English Changing tuning grid (...

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