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Instructions Yamaha, Modèle CDX-496

Fabricant : Yamaha
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CDX-596, CDX-496 POWER (p. 8) NATURAL SOUND COMPACT DISC PLAYER AUTO DISPLAY OFF POWER 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 SKIP/SEARCH OUTPUT LEVEL PHONES OPEN/CLOSE AUTO DISPLAY OFF indicator CDX-596 only (p. 12) Display panel Disc tray (p. 8) Remote control sensor (p. 4) PHONES jack (p. 12) The shaded part ( ) is provided for CDX-596 only. CDX-396 POWER (p. 8) NATURAL SOUND COMPACT DISC PLAYER OPEN/CLOSEPOWER 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 SKIP/SEARCHRemote control sensor (p. 4) Display panel Disc tray (p. 8) EnglishEnglish ( ) indicates the page number on which the controls are best described. REMOTE CONTROL TEXT/TIME (p. 11) TIME (p. 11) SYNCHRO (p. 21) SPACE (p. 12) TAPE (p. 16) Numeric buttons (p. 9) “pause” (p. 9) REPEAT (p. 13) “stop” (p. 9) / “search” (p. 10) OPEN/ CLOSEDIMMERSYNCHRO PEAKSPACE PROGCLEARTAPE RANDOMREPEAT 321 654 987 INDEX+I0 OUTPUT LEVEL +– 0 TEXT/ TIME TIME CDX-596 CDX-496, 396 DIMMER (p. 12) OPEN/CLOSE (p. 8) PEAK (p. 20) PROG (p. 14) CLEAR (p. 15) INDEX (p. 15) CDX-596 and CDX-496 only OUTPUT LEVEL (p. 12) RANDOM (p. 13) “play” (p. 8) / “skip” (p. 10) The shaded parts ( ) vary between models. E-7 This manual describes how to operate this unit by using the remote control. To operate this unit from the front panel, use the corresponding buttons on the front panel. BASIC OPERATION NATURAL SOUND COMPACT DISC PLAYER POWER 2, 3 1 4 OPEN/ CLOSEDIMMERSYNCHRO PEAKSPACE PROGCLEARTAPE 2 3 RANDOMREPEAT 1 Press POWER to turn on the power. POWER 2 Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray, and load a disc. OPEN/ CLOSE Label side up. Disc tray 3 Press OPEN/CLOSE to close the disc tray. OPEN/ CLOSE 4 Press (or ) to begin play. Play will begin from the first track of the disc. Display information CDX-596 1 Shows the track number selected or being played. 1 23 2 Displays the numbers that correspond to the numbers of tracks (as high as number 20) on the disc. After each track is played, its corresponding number disappears so the number of remaining tracks (and their numbers) can be seen at a glance. 41112 345678910 3 CDX-596 and CDX-496 only Shows the level of signals output into an amplifier or the headphone level adjusted by pressing – OUTPUT LEVEL +. CDX-496, CDX-396 143 4 Shows the time displays. (Refer to “Changing displays” on page 11.) 2 English English Press . To pause play To resume play, press again (or press ). * on the front panel can also be used to stop play temporarily or to resume play. To stop play Press . To turn off the power Press POWER again. * If you turn on the power again with a disc still on the tray, the disc starts playing automatically from the first track. To play directly from the desired track Select a desired track by using the numeric buttons. 5 CDX-596 The selected track number is displayed CDX-496, CDX-396 To select track number 10 or higher Press +10 to select the first digit and then press a numeric button (1–0) to select the second digit. Example: To select track 25 Press +10 twice, then immediately press 5 once. +I0 + 5 * If a track number higher than the highest track number on the disc is selected, the last track on the disc will be played. Notes . After closing the disc tray by pressing OPEN/CLOSE, the c Additionally, you can close the disc tray by pressing display shows the total number of tracks and the total recorded ( ), a numeric button or RANDOM, or by pressing the time of the disc for a few seconds.front edge of the disc tray gently. If the tray is closed in one of these ways, play will begin automatically; however, the display will not show the total number of tracks nor the total recorded time of the disc. CDX-596 1 2 345678910 11 12 CDX-596 only If you load a CD-TEXT disc, the display also shows the disc title after showing the total number of tracks and the total recorded time of the disc. CDX-496, CDX-396 TOTAL Gear wheel Caution When the disc tray is open, do not touch the inside gear wheel. If you touch the gear wheel, your finger may be caught in the closing tray and injured. E-9 To skip to the beginning of the desired track (SKIP SEARCH) To play from the beginning of the next track (Press once.) To play from the beginning of the current track (Press once.) To play from the beginning of the preceding track . These operations can also be performed when the unit is paused or stopped. c When using or on the remote control: If (or ) is pressed and held, the track number is continuously changed to higher numbers (or lower numbers). c When using SKIP/SEARCH on the front panel: Be careful not to press and hold the button, otherwise the selected track is played forward (or backward) rapidly. (Press twice.) To advance or reverse play rapidly (MANUAL SEARCH) To advance rapidly . The sound can be heard (although slightly garbled) during manual search in either direction. This is convenient for locating a precise position within a track, or for reviewing the contents quickly. . Manual search can also be performed while disc play is paused, though no sound will be heard. c When ...

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