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Instructions LG, Modèle DH16NS10

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. .. • Connect to the power connector of the PC. Red Connecting the SATA Power Cable Connecting the SATA Data Cable • Connect to the SATA connector on the PC's Motherboard. Location and Function of Controls English Features Location and Function of • Serial ATA interface • Data transfer rate (DVD-ROM max-16Xspeed: 22,100KB/sec, CD-ROM max-52Xspeed : 7,800KB/sec) • Motorized tray loading system • Designed for internal mounting • Emergency eject support • Read compatible for DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW & DVD-RAM discs • Supports Region playback control Phase II System Requirements* • IBM PC AT or compatible, Pentium-266MHz processor or higher (higher recommended). • Motherboard that supports Serial ATA interface. •A minimum of 64MB memory (higher recommended). •A suitable free standard 5 1/4” internal drive bay. • OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista. * Please note: Certain software (i.e. particularly those including Video playback) may require a considerably increased specification PC to give acceptable results. While this DVD-ROM drive can read DVD-video discs, decoding them to display on your pc’s monitor requires separate MPEG decoding that is done by separate hardware (either an MPEG decoder card or MPEG decoding done by your video card), or separate software that you install to do MPEG decoding. These items are separate and are not included with this DVD-ROM drive. Controls A Front Panel 1. Disc Tray 2. Drive activity indicator 3. Emergency Eject Hole 4. Stop/Eject Button Rear Panel 1. SATA Power connector (15pin). 2. SATA Data connector (7pin). English Installing the Drive CB Before installing the drive, turn off the system power. Follow the steps below to install the DVD-ROM drive: 1. Remove the cover from your computer system. Refer to manual for the computer for details about removing the cover. 2. Mounting the Drive • Remove the a 51/4. drive bay panel from the computer. Refer to the manual for the computer for details. • Insert the drive unit into the bay. Do not apply excessive pressure to the cables inside the computer. • Secure the drive with the screws. If there is not much space behind the drive, connect the SATA and other cables before securing the drive. 3. PC Connection The DVD-ROM drive connects to the motherboard of the host computer using a SATA interface cable. • Connecting the SATA Power Cable Connect the power cable so the projection of the cable connector side to come to the left side. Be careful not to connect upside down. • Connecting the SATA Data Cable Connect the data cable. Be careful not to connect upside down. 4. When the installation of the drive unit is complete, replace the computer cover. 5. Reconnect the computer power cord and turn on the computer. Device Drivers When using Windows 2000 Pro, XP or Vista, the installation of any software driver or special device is not required. The DOS and Windows 3.1 users can download the DOS Device drivers anytime via internet. For your information, please consult the following internet sites: http//lgsevice.com For Windows 2000 Pro/XP Users [ In order to ensure normal drive operation, please check the following: • The drive is displayed in Windows 2000 Pro/XP : [Control Panel][ System]-[Hardware]-[Device Manager][ DVD/CD-ROM-Drive] • 32-bit is displayed in [control panel]-[system]-[performance] [ If the drive is not recognized by your computer, please check the following items. • If an indicator is displayed on the IDE controller in [control panel]-[system]-[device manager]-[harddisk controller], you will need to contact your PC’s manufacturer or the motherboard’s manufacturer and get the appropriate IDE controller driver. [ Run ADD NEW HARDWARE in Control Panel to let the PC search again for the new device. English How to Use the Discs When using CD-ROM discs, DVD-ROM discs, CD-R discs or CD-RW discs, don’t attach any stickers or labels to the discs. Using discs with them attached not only causes read and write errors, but data on the disc may be lost due to damage to the disc itself. The Discs in this unit operate at a very high speed! DO NOT use damaged, cracked or warped discs. The drive’s optical unit may be damaged if they break. DO NOT use non-standard discs. NON-standard discs may not play or store data properly. Non-standard discs are any discs that are not the standard 12 cm CD type discs. This includes Sony Walkman™ discs, non-circular discs including promotional, business card discs, and other unusual discs. Notes on CD-RW/DVD-RW discs This product can read CD-RW/DVD-RW disc data. Note the following: -A little longer time is needed to sense a CD-RW/ DVD-RW disc when the operation starts, compared with standard CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM discs. -Since playback signal level of CD-RW/ DVD-RW is lower than the replicated CD/DVD discs, reading speed of those discs is lower than that of the replicated discs to ensure data reading. -Blank discs, discs that you failed to write data, or discs that session close processing ...

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