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Instructions Philips, Modèle HR1734/60

Fabricant : Philips
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Francais Page 8 • Pour le mode d'emploi: depliez les page 3 et 38. Deutsch Seite 12 • Schlagen Sie beim Lesen der Gebrauchsanweisung Seite 3 und Seite 38 auf. Nederlands Pagina 16 • Sla bij het lezen van de gebruiksaanwijzing de pagina’s 3 en 38 op. Italiano Pagina 20 • Prima di usare l'apparecchio, aprite le pagina 3 e 38 e leggete attentamente le istruzioni per l'uso. Espanol Pagina 24 • Desplegar las paginas 3 y 38 al leer las instrucciones de manejo. Portugues Pagina 28 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprego, desdobre e verifique as pag. 3 e 38. ........ ...... 32 • ... ... ...... ......, ..... ... ....... 3 ... 38. N O M 1 H I L J K G C A B 500 750 1000 1250 1500 ml 2 3 4 5 6spucD E F Q P English Important • Read the instructions carefully and look at Mill (only type HR 1737) the illustrations before you start using the • The cutting edges of the blade unit are very appliance. sharp: avoid touching them! • To avoid damage, check if the voltage • Never let the mill accessory run for more indicated on the appliance corresponds to than 30 seconds without interruption. the mains voltage in your home (110-127 V • Always make sure that the rubber sealing or 220-240 V) before you connect the ring has been correctly placed before you appliance. start using the appliance. • Never use any accessories or parts from • Do not use the mill accessory to process other manufacturers or which have not been liquid ingredients. specifically advised by Philips. Your • The mill accessory is not suitable for guarantee will become invalid if such grinding very hard ingredients, such as accessories or parts have been used. nutmeg and ice cubes. • For optimal results and to prevent damage • Always process cloves, star anise and to the appliance, follow the instructions with aniseed together with other ingredients. If regard to the maximum and minimum they are processed separately, they may processing quantities. attack the plastic parts of the mill. • Never remove accessories or parts from the motor unit while the appliance is running. Filter Always unplug the appliance first. • Do not use the filter to process hot • Keep the appliance out of the reach of ingredients. children. • Make sure the filter has been properly • Never let the appliance run unattended. inserted before you switch the appliance on. • Do not use the appliance when the mains cord, the plug or other components are damaged. • If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it may only be replaced by a cord of the original type. Turn to your Philips dealer or the Philips organisation in your country for replacement. Blender • Do not fill the blender jar with ingredients that are hotter than 80 °C. • To avoid spillage, do not fill the jar above the maximum level indication (i.e. 1.5 litres), particularly not when you are blending liquids. Always insert the stopper into the lid before you start processing. • Never put your hand or any other object in the blender jar while the appliance is switched on. If necessary, use a spatula to remove food from the wall of the jar after you have switched the blender off. • Before you start using the blender, make sure that the blade unit is securely fitted to the blender jar (see ‘Preparing the blender for use’). • Always make sure that the lid is in “closed position” when processing ingredients. 4 General description (fig. 1) Blender A Stopper B Lid C Opening in the lid D Spout E Blender jar F Level indications G Rubber sealing ring H Blade unit I Motor unit J M = pulse position (‘Moment’) / Quick Clean button K Speed buttons 3 = high speed 2 = normal speed 1 = low speed 0 = off L Cord storage facility Mill (only type HR 1737) M Beaker N Rubber sealing ring O Mill blade unit P Lid with reclosable sprinkling hole Filter Q Filter Cord storage You can store excess mains cord by winding it around the base of the appliance (fig. 2). Built-in safety lock The appliance has been equipped with a built-in safety lock that prevents it from functioning if the accessories have been assembled incorrectly or have not been assembled at all. Note: never use the accessories to turn the appliance on and off! Blender Preparing the blender for use -Wash all detachable parts (see section ‘Cleaning’). -Put the rubber sealing ring on the inner edge of the blade unit (fig. 3). -Mount the blender jar onto the blade unit and turn it in the direction of the arrow until it is fixed (fig. 4). -Mount the jar with blade unit onto the motor unit and turn in the direction of the arrow until it is fixed (fig. 5). -After putting the ingredients in the jar, fix the lid onto the jar by pressing it down (fig. 6). -Insert the stopper into the opening in the lid (fig. 7). To disassemble the blender, proceed in reverse order and opposite direction. Speed selection -Make sure that the appliance is plugged in and the blender jar has been properly attached before you switch the appliance on. -Select the speed that is most suitable for the ingredients you want to proces...

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