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Instructions SmartPool Inc, Modèle Nitro Robotic Pool Cleaner NC31

Fabricant : SmartPool Inc
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theDawnofaNewAgeinRoboticPoolCleaning! 2008CATALOGSMARTPOOLFeaturingNITRO™... theDawnofaNewAgeinRoboticPoolCleaning! 08NEWFOR08NEWFOR POOL CLEANERS ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER NITRO™RoboticPoolCleanerforIngroundPools#NC31 What Makes NITRO Better Than Any Other Robotic Cleaner? NITROhassomanytechnologicaladvancementsthatmorepatentshavebeenwrittenforitthanonALLroboticpoolcleanerscombinedoverthelast20years!Cleansanytypeofpool-vinylliner,concrete,fiberglass! NEWTECHNOLOGY TWICE THE FILTER AREA NITRO’s extra-large filter bag offers more than double the capacity of any other pool cleaner in the world. ThepatentedlocationofNITRO’sintakeportsgetsintocorners,ridgesandanglestocleantheentirefloor-wherethedirtis! AnotheroutstandingfeatureisNITRO’spowercablewithSuper-Cord™technology.Unlikeotherroboticpoolcleaners,thecableisbothtwist-resistantanddelamination-proof,usingapatenteddesign. Withits“RapidDrainSystem”,debrisremainstrappedinthefilterwhilecleanwaterquicklyflowsbackintothepool,immediatelylighteningthecleanerforeasyremoval. NITRO’smodularconstructionallowsforeasyservicing.Theonlytoolrequiredisascrewdriver.Partsarereadilyavailableandcanbesoldattheretaillevel. CLEANSWHERETHEDIRTISLIGHTWEIGHT&EASYTOLIFTANTI-TWISTCABLESIMPLETOSERVICEANDREPAIRGREATFORALLPOOLSURFACESNITROisgentleenoughforvinyllinerpools,butruggedenoughtocleanthedirtiestofconcreteandfiberglasspoolsaswell! • Recommended for Pools up to 20’ x 40’ • Includes Convenient Carry Caddy • Scrubs and Vacuums Entire Pool Floor from Wall to Wall • Machine-Washable Filter Bag • Built-in Pool Pump and Filter -No Wear and Tear on Pool’s Pump and Filter • Automatic Shutoff • Microfilters Water -Like Adding Another Filter to Pool • 50 ft. Cable • Saves up to 50% on Electricity and Backwashing Costs • ETL-Listed to UL Standard • Saves up to 30% on Chemical Costs • Manufactured in an ISO 9000 Facility • No Installation Required • One year Full/Two Year Limited Warranty 3 4 POOL CLEANERS Another of NITRO’s many innovations is its “NITRO rapid-drain system”. When removing the cleaner from the pool, the debris remains trapped in the filter while clean water quickly flows back into the pool, immediately lightening the cleaner for easy removal. CADDY INCLUDED! Two of the NITRO’s extra-large intake ports are placed directly behind the cleaning brush, which sweeps the debris right into them. Two of the intake ports are placed near the outer corners of the cleaner, making the robot’s cleaning path the largest in the industry. Motor contained in brush housing, freeing up interior space for extra-large filter capacity. POOL CLEANERS YOUR NITRO PARTS CENTER! FC1002 Sensor Wheel FC1003 Impeller Cover FC1006 Drive Motor Assembly FC1014 Foam Ring FC1015 Impeller FC1007 Drive Wheel Tube FC1011 Chassis Bumper FC1005 Quick Drain Flap FC1010 Drive Tube Mount FC1008 Handle FC1019 Rear Intake FC1012 Anti-Twist Floating Cord FC1009 Pump Motor FC1001 Chassis FC1004 Drive Brush FC1013 Power Supply FC1016 Bottom Lid FC1017 Filter Bag FC1018 Front Intake 5 POOL CLEANERS obo-Kleen’sadvancedmicroprocessorandpowerfulmotorscombinetothoroughlycleanyourpool’sfloorofleaves, acorns,dirtanddebris. Robo-Kleen™outperformswater-poweredcleaners-itfeaturesabuilt-inpumpandfiltersystem,whicheliminatestheadditionalwearandtearonyourpoolpumpcausedbywater-poweredcleaners.Infact,Robo-Kleen™costsjustpenniestooperate,savingyouupto50%onyourelectricalandbackwashingcostscomparedtowater-poweredcleaners. RRoboKleen™OutperformsRoboKleen™WaterPoweredWaterPoweredCleanersCleanersHoseassemblyRequired?NoYesComputerizedCleaningCoverage?YesNoIndependentPumpandFilterSystem?YesNoExtendsLifeofPoolFilterandPump?YesReducesLifeofbothDrasticallyReducesElectricityUse?YesIncreasesElectricityUseDrasticallyReducesBackwashing?YesIncreasesBackwashing 6 icrofilterthepoolwater-It’slikeicrofilterthepoolwater-It’slike POOL CLEANERS WhatMakesRobo-KleenBetter•TheMostAffordableRoboticAbovegroundPoolCleanerAvailable. •SeparateDriveAndPumpMotorsForEfficientOperationAndManeuverability•TheDriveMotorIsDirectDrive,EliminatingTheNeedForBelts,WhichCanStretchAndBreak. RoboKleen™RoboticPoolCleanerforAbovegroundPools#RK01A • for Aboveground Pools up to 31’ Round or 41’ x 21’ Oval • Thoroughly Vacuums Pool Floor • Operates Independently of Pool Pump and Filter • Microfilters Water -Like Adding Another Filter to Pool • Saves up to 50% on Electricity and Backwashing Costs • Saves up to 30% on Chemical Costs • No Installation Required • Uses Low Voltage Pump Motor -Costs Pennies to Operate • Machine Washable Filter Bag • Manufactured in an ISO 9000 Facility • Automatic Shut-Off After 2 Hours • Self-Contained, Reusable Filter Bag -Filters Most Algae and Bacteria • One Year Full Warranty • Certified to CE Standards • 40’ Cable • Transformer, 27.5 V, 160 Watts in Weatherproof Casing UNIT WEIGHT: 18 lbs Without Transformer CARTON WEIGHT: 31 CARTON SIZE: 22” x 20” x 15” (UPS-able) UNITS/PALLET: 24 RoboKleen™&RoboKleenPlusFilterBag#RKF99 Robo-Kleen ™ filter bags trap all the dirt ...

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