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Instructions Sony, Modèle MEX-BT2500

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Repeat this procedure until the desired station is received. 10 Tip If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, press and hold ( seek) -/+ to locate the approximate frequency, then press ( seek) -/+ repeatedly to fine adjust to the desired frequency (manual tuning). Notes • Depending on the country/region, not all RDS functions may be available. • RDS will not work if the signal strength is too weak, or if the station you are tuned to is not transmitting RDS data. Overview FM stations with Radio Data System (RDS) service send inaudible digital information along with the regular radio program signal. Display items AJËAJËL33 © Frequency*1 (Program service name), Preset number, Clock, RDS data © TA/TP*2 *1 While receiving the RDS station, “ *" is displayed on the left of the frequency indication. *2 “TA" flashes during traffic information. “TP" lights up while such a station is received. To change display items ©, press (DSPL). RDS services This unit automatically provides RDS services as follows: AF (Alternative Frequencies) Selects and retunes the station with the strongest signal in a network. By using this function, you can continuously listen to the same program during a long-distance drive without having to retune the same station manually. TA (Traffic Announcement)/TP (Traffic Program) Provides current traffic information/programs. Any information/program received, will interrupt the currently selected source. PTY (Program Types) Displays the currently received program type. Also searches your selected program type. CT (Clock Time) The CT data from the RDS transmission sets the clock. Setting AF and TA 1 Press (af/ta) repeatedly until the desired setting appears. Select To AF-ON activate AF and deactivate TA. TA-ON activate TA and deactivate AF. AF, TA-ON activate both AF and TA. AF, TA-OFF deactivate both AF and TA. Storing RDS stations with the AF and TA setting You can preset RDS stations along with the AF/ TA setting. If you use the BTM function, only RDS stations are stored with the same AF/TA setting. If you preset manually, you can preset both RDS and non-RDS stations with the AF/TA setting for each. 1 Set AF/TA, then store the station with BTM or manually. Presetting the volume of traffic announcements You can preset the volume level of the traffic announcements so as to not miss hearing them. 1 Rotate the volume control dial to adjust the volume level. 2 Press and hold (AF/TA) until “TA” appears. Receiving emergency announcements With AF or TA on, the emergency announcements will automatically interrupt the currently selected source. continue to next page t RDS 11 Staying with one regional program — REG When the AF function is on: this unit’s factory setting restricts reception to a specific region, so you will not be switched to another regional station with a stronger frequency. If you leave this regional program’s reception area, set “REG-OFF” in setup during FM reception (page 17). Note This function does not work in the UK and in some other areas. Local Link function (UK only) This function enables you to select other local stations in the area, even if they are not stored on your number buttons. 1 During FM reception, press a number button (CD to (6)) on which a local station is stored. 2 Within 5 seconds, press again a number button of the local station. Repeat this procedure until the local station is received. Selecting PTY 1 Press (pty) during FM reception. PTY \ NBJ5 » The current program type name appears if the station is transmitting PTY data. 2 Press (pty) repeatedly until the desired program type appears. 3 Press (seek) -/+. The unit starts to search for a station broadcasting the selected program type. Type of programs NEWS (News), AFFAIRS (Current Affairs), INFO (Information), SPORT (Sports), EDUCATE (Education), DRAMA (Drama), CULTURE (Culture), SCIENCE (Science), VARIED (Varied), POP M (Popular Music), ROCK M (Rock Music), EASY M (Easy Listening), LIGHT M (Light Classical), CLASSICS (Classical), OTHER M (Other Music Type), WEATHER (Weather), FINANCE (Finance), CHILDREN (Children’s Programs), SOCIAL A (Social Affairs), RELIGION (Religion), PHONE IN (Phone In), TRAVEL (Travel), LEISURE (Leisure), JAZZ (Jazz Music), COUNTRY (Country Music), NATION M (National Music), OLDIES (Oldies Music), FOLK M (Folk Music), DOCUMENT (Documentary) Note You cannot use this function in countries/regions where no PTY data is available. Setting CT 1 Set “CT-ON” in setup (page 16). Notes • The CT function may not work even though an RDS station is being received. • There might be a difference between the time set by the CT function and the actual time. 12 Bluetooth function Bluetooth operations 4 To use the Bluetooth function, the following procedure is necessary. O Pairing: When connecting Bluetooth devices for the first time, mutual registration is required. This is called “pairing.” This reg...

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