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Instructions Columbian Home Products, Modèle THERAPEDIC 2500

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STEP 5: Head Pads and Lateral Positioning Pads The head pads may be adjusted for height. Located behind, and underneath each head pad is a plastic ball, attached to the lace that passes through the head pad. Squeeze the button on each ball and slide the ball up or down to change the height of the head pads. Lateral Positioning Pads: If the occupant is slender or small, the car seat may be too wide. You can narrow the inside seat width with this Lateral Positioning Pad Set. Use only as many pads as needed for a correct fit. First decide how far up the car seat you will want to narrow the inside width. Use the Positioning Pads as they are or cut them to a customized fit. Then, peel back the edge of your car seat upholstery cover from the sides of the shell. Insert the Positioning Pads between the inside of the plastic shell and the cover. Stretch the upholstery cover back over the Positioning Pads, and over the edge of the shell. You can experiment with the number of pads you insert to create the best fit. For comfort, you should leave about one inch of space between either side of the occupant and the cover. As the individual grows, you may change the pad arrangement to maintain a good fit. Larger individuals may not need the head pads or the lateral pads at all. Step 6: Securing the Seat in Your Vehicle The Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System is designed to face forward in the car in an upright position. The seat is held in place with the vehicle’s own seat belt and with the included tether strap. Important: do not attempt to place your vehicle's seat belt around the front of your Columbia TheraPedic™ Restraint System, the way many infant seats are held in. As shown in Figure 2, thread the seat belt through the two metal tubes on the back of the Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System. Connect your seat belt buckle and, while kneeling in the Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System, adjust your vehicle's seat belt as tight as possible to hold the Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System in place. If the seat belt is a combination lap and shoulder belt, pull upward on the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten the lap portion, and then install the locking clip. Kneeling in the seat helps secure it; when you remove your weight from the seat, your vehicle's upholstery will spring back into shape and keep the seat in place even more securely. Make sure that the seat belt buckle lies to one side or the other of a Columbia TheraPedic™ Restraint System’s side tube, not resting across it. Text Box: Figure 2: Securing Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System with vehicle's seat belt. STEP 7: Use of the supplied locking clip Install your Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System as described above, using your vehicle's seat belt. Hold your car’s shoulder/lap belt webbing and the seat belt tab to stop it from sliding. Then release the tab from your seat belt buckle. Fold the webbing and thread it through the locking clip, one side at a time. Keep the locking clip as close as possible to the seat belt tab - no further than 1/2” away. Snug the locking clip against your seat belt tab. See Figure 1. Buckle the seat belt to see that the clip has been correctly installed, with all slack webbing gone and the seat tightly in place. STEP 8: Installing the Tether Strap A tether strap is supplied with your Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System. This tether strap must be used in addition to your vehicle's seat belt. Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury in the event of a crash. Use of the tether will enhance the stability of your Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System, particularly if your vehicle has very soft or very upright seats. Install the tether in your vehicle as instructed below. The tether strap is "V"-shaped. The bottom of the "V" attaches to your vehicle. The two top ends attach to your Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System by hooking onto metal brackets located on the upper ends of each metal tube on the sides of the Columbia TheraPedic Vehicle Restraint System. The metal anchor plate on the bottom of the "V"-shaped tether must be bolted to your vehicle. Where you install the anchor depends on your vehicle. If you are installing the car seat in a sedan, the anchor plate bolts to the parcel shelf in front of the rear window. Note: the parcel shelf must be fixed and made of metal underneath. You can tell if it is made of metal underneath by looking in the trunk. If the parcel shelf is adjustable or is not metal underneath, follow the instructions for a hatchback, van, or station wagon; in these cars the tether anchor bolts to the cargo floor. See Figure 3 and 4. WARNING: before drilling any hole in your vehicle, make sure the gas tank, pipes, cables, etc., are not in the way and will not be damaged. The tether anchor must be mounted directly in a secure metal panel. If necessary for access, trim the carpeting, hardboard parcel shelf, or other trim for c...

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